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Wood chopping + mud fighting + rock jumping down to the spring

Our quirky way to have fun and explore the real Sapa. Get sweaty, get dirty and get cleaned up through a combo of 3 exotic activities: wood chopping + mud fighting + rock jumping down to the spring. + More

Hosted by Lazycrazy Homestay in Sapa

$7 USD 90 minutes
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Fun Combo

About your host, Lazycrazy

I'm Giang, or people call me John. I'm a wanderer coming all over Vietnam by bycicle for whole 1 year and fall in love w ... + More

What we will do

This special package includes 3 activities.

1. Imagine sitting by a cosy fireplace in the coldest night in Sapa, is there any better feeling than this? A fireplace is among the main things in our village's lifestyle. In order to keep the fire going, lots of woods are needed. Therefore, this activity package will start off with the "wood chopping" game in which you can get hands on experience chopping some real woods. Prepare to get pumped up, sweaty and ready before dipping in a cool spring later on.

2. Then comes another fun activity. In Sapa, when local villagers get their fields ready for the new crops, there will be plenty of mud around...and more than enough for a few fresh mud fighting games. Join us for a big game in mud including mud fighting, racing and many more. You might get to play with a buffalo as well...who knows!!!!!

3. That's probably enough sweat, dirt and mud for the day...ahem!! Let's finish up the series with a daredevil activity - rock jumping down to the spring!!! It sounds scary but trust us, it's just high enough for a little bit of adrenaline rush. We'll have a tiny trek down the spring to find the perfect location to jump down from. Then dip ourselves in the cool spring to wash away all the sweat and dirts, have a laugh and a few cool photos along the way.

What we will provide

A free beer for an impressive wood chopper!

Who can do this

Anyone is welcome to join

Why you should do this

You don't get to to play these exotic and quirky activities everyday, so join us while you're here in Ta Van/Sapa.

Where we will do this

Lazy Crazy Homestay
Tả Van, Sa Pa, Lào Cai, Vietnam

$7 USD 90 minutes
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Fun Combo


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