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Fun Combo

Cook with us in a H'mong style kitchen, then play "chopsticks duel off" in a shared dinner!

Cooking is a great way to help us learn more about other cultures. Let's cook with us, and enjoy a meal together. Oh, also, we'll play a simple fun game between the guests with a pair of bamboo chopsticks, so be prepared to have fun!

116,042 VND

for 90 minutes

Ask first

About your host, Lazycrazy Homestay

I'm Giang, or people call me John. I'm a wanderer coming all over Vietnam by bycicle for whole 1 year and fall in love with Sapa - best place where heaven and sky and human meet up at once, with the guitar and lot of energy, I alway make joke with people around. In 2016, I founded Lazy Crazy Homestay in Ta Van, Sapa. At Lazycrazy Homestay, we are dreamers, live our life by our way, cherish the life and celebration it every single day, with music, good food, good company, some time smoke, we are building a place for all friends to come and celebrate the wonderful life. Sapa and Ta Van have so many cool things to offer, and I'm not just talking about traditional tours or trekking experiences. Our team's passion is to find and setup some of the most unique and exclusive activities for travellers to come and enjoy.

What we will do

At our place, we cook everyday for our guests in a H'mong style kitchen. We'll start with cooking dinner for the guests, and we'll walk you through our "Ta Van" cuisine (read: our roll-your-own traditional Viet food with a hint of western cuisine).

After cooking, we'll eat the good food together in a shared dinner. The fun is not over yet.

During the dinner, as a special guest, you will be invited to play our fun game called "chopsticks duel off". This can be made to be a small competition between teams, or individuals, and is super fun. We'll keep the secret about how this game works so you'll be surprised! Ah, and the best part is, the winner will get a free beer!

What we will provide

Groceries and an opportunity to cook in a H'mong style kitchen

Who can do this

Anyone is welcome to join

Why you should do this

Our kitchen is one-of-a-kind H'mong kitchen that you can find in Ta Van village (or even in the bigger Sapa). Cook with us in this kitchen would be an awesome experience, and get to play some fun game with friendly people in a cozy setting of our homestay.

Where we will do this

Lazy Crazy Homestay
Tả Van, Sa Pa, Lào Cai, Vietnam

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