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Hand Making Lipstick and Blush for Your Own Shade

" With her own lipstick, the girl can conquer the world" - What if the girl can conquer the world more powerfully with her own lipstick shade made by herself. And comes into a combo, we offer the experience of making lipstick and blush in your own shade,too. It should be a wonderful and unforgettable experience in 1.5 hours then bring home your own crafting or send them to your friends which should be a meaningful present to them.

696,254 VND

for 2 hours

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About your host, Boi Quan Tang

Hi,I'm Queenie, I'm a soaper and natural beauty cosmetics formulator. I have been starting my own brand The Queen since 2017 with the main purpose to make the chemical-free and spread my passion to everyone. I have been asked by many people why I make soap and other natural beauty products and how did I learn all my knowledge. All the questions call me back to the first time I approached to soap making and lipstick formulating. I used to be allergic to industrial cosmetics, I even got pimples all my face and suffered a serious situation of hair loss. My doctor advised me to stop all cosmetics even the most mild one, and for that reason I had to search for natural ingredients and carefully researched and learnt how to read all ingredient list before I decided to apply any beauty products on my skin. All that experience leads me to soap and natural cosmetics, and I want to spread the power of chemical - free beauty products to every one.

What we will do

Part 1 : Acknowledge
To learn the theory about the ingredients, the traditional methods, the safety and tips in making lipstick and blush.
Part 2 : Crafting Work
- Lipstick making
There will be two options for you to make two kinds of texture : Moisturizing balm and matte balm.Surely following the recipe and all tips you learnt in part 1, certainly under all assistance, finish making a lipstick balm is in your hand.
- Blush making
We will start with grinding different powder ingredients base, mixing colour, testing on your skin tone and finalizing our product .

What we will provide

All ingredients, tool and makeup containers

Where we will do this

San Sả Hồ
San Sả Hồ, Sa Pa, Lào Cai, Việt Nam

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