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Tarot reading in Saigon with Lam. Unclog your mind. Get your questions listened and answered

My Tarot reading isn't fortune-telling. I consider this a (very) personal session in which we will do a series of small story exchanges. I will listen, read your cards, and give you the advice I think is relevant.

371,336 VND

for 60 minutes

Ask first

About your host, Lam Lam

Một cô gái đọc Tarot ở Sài Gòn. Một người lắng nghe và một người bạn ngắn hạn. Một người lạ sẵn lòng ở bên bạn, để bạn thoải mái chia sẻ nút thắt trong lòng. --- A girl reading Tarot in Saigon. A person who listens and a short-term friend. A stranger is willing to share your stories and keep it safe

What we will do

When people hear about tarot reading, they often think of fortune-telling. The sweet news is, I don't do fortune-telling. I can't (or shouldn't) tell you anything about your mortality, health or religious spirituality.

My Tarot vibe is a little different because more often that not, I choose to listen to you. I'll give you the best advice that I could as you hand me your cards.

We will spend some time first to get to know each other. Our Tarot reading session will start a little afterward and last around 60 minutes with soothing music in the background to help set the mood. The perfect time for this session would be at night – when the sun goes down and the night emerges – the time of stillness with an impulse to let out your thoughts and feelings.

Don’t feel nervous or worried if you have never done a Tarot reading before. This is not a means of fortune telling. My Tarot reading session is a way to find answers and meanings for whichever questions and concerns you have in mind. My job is to help you understand yourself better and feel at ease at the end of our talk.

What we will provide

- A good stories exchange
- A listener
- An unforgettable experience

Who can do this

Anyone who wants to find out more about themselves, their paths and point of view in life

Where we will do this

Cao Thắng
Cao Thắng, Quận 10, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


- My session is suitable for guests of 20 years old and above
- Unfortunately, I won’t be answering any queries relating to spirituality or health

Guest reviews

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Cao Cuong Le

This is the first time I do tarot reading. Fantastic experience with Nguyet. She is not only a tarot reader but also a friend who you can co... + Read

Nguyen Linh Chi

Amazing!!! Tarot card reading gave me the answer to anything that is on my mind. Lam Lam leads me through the details and most probable ou... + Read

Tri Lecao

Out of all of my previous experiences with Tarot reading, Lam stood out as the best reader and the most engaging one. I always like to be li... + Read

Hoang Le Duy

This was my first time experiencing a Tarot session. I actually haven't really heard or pay attention to Tarot before until a friend of mine... + Read