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Sweat A Bit

Strolling around Saigon for cool shots

This activity is for the photography lovers to snap cool shots around my city, Saigon, we will stroll around from an old to new areas at ungodly hours if you are up to it.

208,876 VND

for 3 hours

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About your host, Linh Nguyen

Designer by day and night. Enjoy taking photos and trying new food wherever I go. I have a lot of free time on my hand so would love to show others around the city or try new things together.

What we will do

Visiting tourist places is what you can do alone but living like a local is what we can offer once you are in our city. And sometime it takes years of experience and knowledge to live like one. It's where you blend in with the life, the society norms and its people.

This interesting experience / activity is normally scheduled in the day time but it can be arranged based on your needs. We can visit cultural places and secret spots by day or visit local market and food eateries by night - recharge energy as we go :)

What we will provide

- Fun time and
- Some interesting local know-how and tips.

Who can do this

- Whoever has a camera and/or a phone with decent camera can try out this cool experience.

Why you should do this

Explore this beautiful city like a local.

Where we will do this

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


- Flexible time arrangements.

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