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How to pose for photos

Within one hour, I'll share with you my experience as a photo model and some tips for posing in front of camera

464,169 VND

for 1 hour

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About your host, Jessica Le

I'm half Vietnamese and been working as a model in Ho Chi Minh city.

What we will do

With some experience in acting and modelling, I'd love to share with other people who would like to pursue modelling as a career or even someone who would like to look better in their photos.

What we will provide

I'll share with you my knowledge and experience and buy you a drink!

Who can do this

Anyone who would like to pursue modelling or just wanna learn more about posing techniques

Why you should do this

It's good for you and who knows even for your business if you're doing something that needs nice photos

Where we will do this

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Please be on time and be open minded. At the end, it's just my opinion and experience so be cool to disagree!

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