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Create your Halo ring – have a creative photoshoot at a hidden D2 foreshore

I'll take you to a hidden river foreshore in District 2. We will do a long-exposure photoshoot using some DIY tools to create a beautiful halo on your head. Topped up with some cool ice cold beer and jazzy music.

580,212 VND

for 2 hours

Ask first

About your host, Tri Lecao

I'm Tri, founder and CEO of LandedVibe. A few words about me: Saigonese, Perthian, easy going kind of human being. Before LandedVibe, I was a software engineer in Australia. I have a fat love for travelling, Muay Thai, coffee and philosophy. My passion is connecting people together through humanly interactions where we can all learn from each other about almost anything in life.

What we will do

I will take you to a hidden (read: lesser known) river foreshore in District 2 (Thu Thiem area), overlooking the Saigon's D1 skyline. From here, we will do some creative photography tricks to create a halo on your head.

This is a great opportunity to have some cool photos to share (read: show off) on Facebook or Instagram, then see your friends dropping their jaws asking themselves how on earth this is possible. We will do the shoot and apply some after effect editing, then we send the retouched photos to your email address.

The shoot will take 30 minutes or so, and we will bring a few cans of beers in case we are up for a drink (we probably will, very cool spot for sure).

Also, we will get some nice music to play in the background while we're having fun doing this.

What we will provide

A beer, our toolkit for the halo making effect.

Who can do this

Anybody, especially those that love wowing people on Instagram :D

Why you should do this

Wow your friends on social media because the photos will be awesome!

Where we will do this

Thu Thiem Parish Church
58 Đường Ven Sông Sài Gòn, Thủ Thiêm, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


This activity is only available during night time.

This activity won't be possible to do if it rains, so in case it rains, we will have to delay to the next day.

Guest reviews

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Michael Do

Tri was a wonderful host. Bringing a balanced mix of adventurous excitement and educational insights, all with a friendly demeanor. I got to... + Read

Brice Stankowitch

Everything was Perfect ! Tri and his friend came pick me at My place and being me To the spot. Here de get à lot of fun doing this expérie... + Read