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Basic lessons about analog photography and a photowalk challenge

Explore the local areas through the lenses of a photographer (where you have a chance to learn some basic analog photography techniques) + More

Hosted by Shoot Film On Sundays in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City
Abuse your camera

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$45 USD 4 hours
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About your host, Shoot

Shoot Film On Sundays is a group of young people with the same passion for analog and film cameras, specializing in anal ... + More

What we will do

The activity is broken down into many fun steps -
- Step 1: Introducing basically about analog photography including kind of cameras, kind of films, lens, natural light effect, etc. in the easiest way to understand.
- Step 2: Together going to some places in the city spotted by locals only.
- Step 3: Letting you borrow one cameras and giving you a free film roll, guiding you the right way to set them up.
- Step 4: Fun time starts :)
- Step 5: Giving you back the photos file thru your email, and the negatives, and the plastic film roll handmade into a keychain as a souvenir, a certificate, 4 hours after the trip ends.

What we will provide

- Analog photography course.
- Film roll and camera.
- Developing and scanning service fee.
- Souvenir and certificate.
- Street food and drink.

Who can do this

Individual nomad or a group of backpackers.
We only host 3 people/trip.

Why you should do this

A unique way for you to explore deeply about this city, which no other travel agencies can provide.

Where we will do this

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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$45 USD 4 hours
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Lovely crew of people who showed me many hidden gems of HCMC. Would recommend this activity to anyone interested in photography or if you wa... + Read

Eve Dalene Biggs

Wow! I'm so glad I was apart of Sunday Shooting! We went places I've never been in Siagon and same so many interesting people. The other pho... + Read

Steve Busch

I had so much fun shooting photos with this group. I got some amazing shots and they were very nice and knew all kinds of great places to sh... + Read

Cynthia Siegman

I did have lots of fun with Shoot Film on Sundays group. Omg i love them so much, they’re all the bunch of cutie, took me to some great pl... + Read


Hi Shoot Film On Sundays. You're all nice and cute when showed me how to use film camera. Thanks for giving me a lot of fun and taking me to... + Read