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Fun Combo
A Little Fancy

Hangover night life tour in Saigon!

The tile says it all, we get together and get dressed up and enjoy Saigon for a night!

5,105,868 VND

for 3 hours

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About your host, Vivienne Trinh

I loveeee fashion and night life! I love getting all dressed up and hanging out with friends and meeting new people!

What we will do

> 1 night with Luxury Accommodation with 6 rooms
> VIP host
> Luxury Limo Transportation from 8:00PM - 3:00AM
> 8:00PM Luxury Limo transport Hotel to Sky Dining
> VIP Entry with No Waiting Line
> 8:30PM Dinner Reservation
> All you can eat (appetizer, main course, dessert)
> 10:00PM Arrive Rooftop Bar of your choice
> VIP Table with Private Server
> All you can drink
> 12:00AM Arrive VIP Nightclub of your choice
> VIP Table with No Waiting Line
> VIP Table with Private Server
> All you can drink
> 3:00AM Luxury Limo transport to Hotel

What we will provide

We'll have fun fun fun, of course in a legal way ;)

Who can do this

Anyone who is above 18

Why you should do this

You'll get bored with your friends from time to time so it's good opportunity to meet new people. Or if you wanna do something different or if you wanna throw a party for yourself or friends, check with me for other customized tours!

Where we will do this

Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Please be on time and be cool!

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