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Fun Combo

Play or sing your favorite songs in Vietnamese bolero style!

In 90 minutes, we'll surprise you how we could switch even your favorite hiphop song into a very 'Vietnamese' songs!

580,212 VND

for 90 minutes

Ask first

About your host, Nhu Tran

I'm very friendly, sociable and open-minded. I love languages, music and travelling.

What we will do

We're a group of friends who are passionate about music. We have experimented ourselves with a lot of different music genre, turning them to Vietnamese bolero styled songs. Sometimes it could be surprisingly great or really humorous! For sure, we'll have a good time.

So for 90 minutes, even if you have never played any instrument, we could show you how to play along using your favorite songs. We could make a complete performance and make a video at the end.

Current instruments we have available: guitar, flute, cajon...

What we will provide

- instruments
- microphones
- friends and fun time
- videos at the end (we're not professional so don't expect too much hahaha, but we'll try)

Who can do this

Anyone who wants to experience Vietnamese bolero
Anyone who wants to exchange music experience with others
Anyone who is looking to make local Vietnamese friends

Why you should do this

It will be fun!

Where we will do this

Tượng Cafe Acoustic
436B, 6 Đường 3 Tháng 2, Phường 12, Quận 10, Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam


We're not professional music band, just a group of friends who wanna fool around, have fun and make friends!

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