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Fun Combo
A Little Fancy

Dress up and take some classy, yet badass pictures in a cozy lounge

Look forward to a great evening with friends, drinks, jazz music and some badass pictures of you to show off.

835,505 VND

for 3 hours

Ask first

About your host, Tien Huynh

Born and raised in Vietnam, I'm an African Vietnamese fashion designer, stylist and model. I'm also the founder of NAFI, a fashion design studio for modern women suit.

What we will do

This experience is for you to have some fun, while dressing up and capture a new side of yourself on camera. I will provide my best suits for women and men to try on.

We will start with a small introduction to get to know each other and break the ice. Following with a quick intro about the suit fashion in Saigon, we will start to take some pictures. No worries, if you have never posed before. I will take my time to guide you through the basics and take the best shot, all in a casual atmosphere and probably with lots of laughter. We will take turns shooting pictures, while the others can talk, watch and enjoy some drinks.

What we will provide

- Insights about dressing up with suit for men and women
- A well-designed suit to try on
- A professional photographer to take your pics at a cozy jazzy lounge
- First drink on me

Who can do this

Anyone, who wants to change their image for an evening

Why you should do this

Instead of just admiring how well people back in the days dressed, why don't you try out for yourself?

Where we will do this

House of Barbaard - Lounge Bar & Barbershop
Alley 12 4B, Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Đa Kao, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh 710543, Vietnam


Please wear adequate with long pants, proper shoes, buttoned shirt to fit with a suit.

Guest reviews

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Lennie Lam

Tien is such a lovely character. Her knowledge and insights really shined throughout the whole experience. I especially enjoyed the vintage ... + Read

Ca Tran

Tien is such an amazing person and talented tailor, she knows so much about suits that would impress you in many ways. It was like living in... + Read

Kimberly Nguyen

She has a great host who had amazing insight into the fashion world and the world of suits. She was very charismatic and welcoming as well. ... + Read

Jong Kyi Park

This event is something you do not normally find in this busy city. LandedVibe was able to create an event where the host, Tien Huynh, was a... + Read

Tri Lecao

I really enjoyed this experience with Tien (Nafi). She's sweet, down-to-earth and knowledgable about fashion. There was a lot of cool and he... + Read