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A Little Fancy

Cigar Vibes – let's indulge in a cigar with the vibe of your own and chat

When people hear about cigars, most tend to think it is reserved just for older generations. But this isn't the case. Instead of considering the right age, how about I rather show you the right drinks, right music or right location to enjoy a cigar properly. This is for everyone, who wants to enjoy this wonderful tobacco product and it's true value in our society, no matter the age. (You must be at least 18 years old though)

696,254 VND

for 90 minutes

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About your host, Mike Hoang

You can call me Mike. I've been into Cigars and Pipes for a long time now. I am here to share my knowledge and introduce you to the entire lifestyle behind these classic tobacco goods.

What we will do

If you have never smoked a cigar before or consider yourself a beginner in this field, this is the place to start. I will show you the way to enjoy this classic tobacco product. We will start with a quick introduction on how you should choose, cut, light up and smoke your cigar.

If you are already experienced, don't worry, this is a chance for us to mingle and talk about cigar in the view of a millennial.

While puffing and talking, I will tell you about the culture behind cigars and why people love them so much. Accompanied by your favorite drink, we will have a enjoyable time together and have some nice conversations.

Depending on the time of the day you prefer, we will meet up in a different location with the adequate drinks to enjoy to.

– Morning/noon vibe: Start your day with some puffs on a cigar, while sipping on your cappuccino at an open cafe for a relaxing and clearheaded feeling for the rest of the day.

– Evening vibe: Indulge in some pleasure of a cigar to release the stress of a long and exhausting week. We will spend some time on a cozy rooftop bar with a glass of your favorite drink to go by. With the proper location and fitting music, you will experience the true and original vibes of an urban cigar smoker.

What we will provide

A good-quality cigar per person. Drinks not included.

Who can do this

The pleasure provided by a cigar can be enjoyed by everyone, from millennial to people in their golden age. You just need to be curious and willing to learn about it.

Why you should do this

Cigar smokers often choose a specific time to appreciate this product. When they want to celebrate, reached a personal milestone or indulge in a deep talk with some good friends. There will be times, when knowing how to enjoy a cigar with others will add a certain value to your conversations. Understanding this beforehand, will prepare you for the right times.

Where we will do this

House of Barbaard - Lounge Bar & Barbershop
Alley 12 4B, Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Đa Kao, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh 710543, Vietnam


You can join me alone or take a couple of friends with you. I just recommend no more than 8 people to have the ideal experience.

For special occasions, I can host this experience at your location as well.

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