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Sweat A Bit

Make your own traditional silk painting

Silk painting is the traditional painting of Vietnam and it's also a part of Vietnamese modern painting.
Through this workshop, we would like to share our passion of silk painting.
We hope you'll feel the sense of the traditional silk painting and gain a better understanding about Vietnamese art.

835,505 VND

for 4 hours

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What we will do

In our class, you will be an artist for 4 hours, having fun and relaxing with a brush in your hand.
The workshop will guide you through the basic stages of a silk painting. During our four hours, you'll be able to choose to draw a figure of yourself, your family member, or your loved one directly on the silk.
We hope the combination of watercolor and silk will make your mind relaxing and you will experience healing through the slow analog, tactile sensibility of everyday life.

What we will provide

Tea or Vietnamese coffee
Art material

Who can do this

It's suitable for everyone who love arts

Why you should do this

If you want to learn something new or create a special gift for your loved one, this is the right experience for you.

Where we will do this

219/60 Trần Văn Đang
219/60 Trần Văn Đang, Phường 11, Quận 3, Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam


Please send me your photo via email [email protected] so that I can print them out for you before class.

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