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Fun Combo

Make and Enjoy Your Own Cold Brewed Tea

In an hour, I'll show you the technique to make cold brewed tea and you could bring one bottle home to enjoy!

278,501 VND

for 1 hour

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About your host, Mao Tran

Pipe smoker, Vespa lovers, craftman, coffee maker, thriftshop owner.... you name it!

What we will do

Cold brewed tea preserves more flavors and aroma compared to the classic heating technique. You'll find cold brewed tea lighter in taste and it has more interesting and refreshing after-taste flavors.
In an hour, I'll walk you through some different types of tea that we're currently brewing. The technique is quite simple, but you should keep in mind that it needs to be preserved in the refrigerator for 12 hours straight.
We will then together taste different tea, you could add sugar or honey as your preference! In the end, you'll get a ready-made bottle of tea to bring home as a gift from us! You may find it fascinating to try at home with different ingredients aside from tea, such as flowers, fruits or herbs. Just make sure you will have a little research in advance to learn if the result is safe and healthy or not ;)

What we will provide

- Ingredients to experiment Cold Brewed Tea
- 1 bottle of tea (to bring home)
- All tools (to be returned at the end)

Who can do this

We have a very cool spot/cafe shop/thrift shop in a quiet alley so if you're looking to kill time and learn a new skill, it would be so fun!

Why you should do this

Cold brewed coffee is a success, why don't we give cold brewed tea a chance ;)

Where we will do this

TK22/11 Đường Nguyễn Cảnh Chân
TK22/11 Đường Nguyễn Cảnh Chân, Cầu Kho, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


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