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Eating Like a Real Vietnamese

Experience a regular morning breakfast like what you would find on the streets in Vietnam. Eating the Original Banh Mi with traditional Vietnamese dripped coffee and a piece of Paté Chaud

278,501 VND

for 1 hour

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About your host, LE VIETNAM

Le Vietnam specialises in Bánh Mì & Coffee. It has been made famous with over 40 publications around the world, including Channel 7 Television, Radio 92.9, RTRfm, 6PR, the West Australian papers, Sunday Times, STM magazine are just to name a few

What we will do

Feasting in Vietnamese Banh Mi, traditional dripped coffee after brewing it from a filter and end up with a piece of Paté Chaud

What we will provide

- Banh Mi
- Vietnamese coffee
- Paté Chaud

Who can do this

Anyone who's keen on learning the Vietnamese culture and traditional cuisine

Why you should do this

Experience the real breakfast vibe in Saigon like a Saigonese through a new glimpse of culture and tradition

Where we will do this

80 Barrack St
80 Barrack St, Perth WA 6000, Australia


Vegan option is available

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