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A Little Fancy

Craft your ceramic plates (in the shape of a Tropicana leaf)

In this crafty activity, we will unleash some of our artistic skills and create a cool decoration item for your home. We call it a "drop plate" with the shape of Green Tropicana leaf. It can be used as a beautiful accessory, but also makes a great gift for your love ones.

557,003 VND

for 3 hours

Ask first

About your host, Huong Anna Nguyen

I'm an Artist, in both traditional and digital line. And I passion in Craft. I have Pandora Studio in Thao Dien D.2, this is the place for me to "play" - hang out and create all new kind of Art & Craft. And you are always welcome to my studio.

What we will do

We will guide you through each step to create your own ceramic leaf plate. We will show you how to create the basic patterns and some techniques for you to modify your artwork with your unique creativity and style. You can choose several tones of green to blue for your leaf from our glaze pigments. The base will be applied from clay about the size of 20x20cm. The resulting sculpture has to be dried for 1 day and then glazed and heated in fire. You can choose to come back for the glazing or we can take care of the rest for you.

You can bring your kids to join us and spend time working together as well. This workshop is suitable for kid's from the age of 4. Kids joining with their parents will be free of charge.

Fire schedule will be up to 1 weeks after glazing. You will be contacted to pick up the finished product or arrange delivery to you.

What we will provide

Tools and Materials

Who can do this

This workshop is fun for every age.

Why you should do this

Relax and indulge in molding some clay to get away from your busy daily routine.

Where we will do this

25 Đường Số 43
25 Đường Số 43, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


Last event before holidays on 22th of July.

*Availability note: I won't be in HCMC from July to August'19, starting again in September.*

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