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Carve your own stamp with a Swedish artist and designer

Fancy crafting your very unique stamp while sipping a glass of wine in an inspiring studio? This will be the perfect little branding gadget to personalise your everyday items (who wouldn't love a customised carved stamp on their favourite things?)

905,131 VND

for 3 hours

Ask first

About your host, Sofia Holt

I have grown up with handcraft, where creativity and innovation has been central. Each day consisted and still consists of creating, if only a small sketch idea or a chair built in the workshop. I like to use leftover, recycled materials where possible and strive for a sustainable production. The small scale craftsmanship, where I do all the work myself has developed to also work with 3D programs to create renderings and technical drawings for larger productions where other artisans make the final products.

What we will do

When you arrive you will be welcomed with the choice of your cold or hot drink. You will have a short guided walk thru the studio and the background story of my colourful artworks. They all have their very own meaning and inspiration behind.

Also, I will hold a warming up exercise to get your creative juice flowing and it will definitely make it easier for you to reach that fun flow in your making. Finally, I will guide you through the entire stamp-making process, the tools we will use and the benefits of each tool.

What we will provide

- Carved Stamp: A 10x10cm linoleum stamp, carving knives, recycled and traditional handmade Vietnamese paper and postcard to print your stamp on. 
- 1 glass of soft drink/coffee/tea/win (additional wine 90k, soft drink 20k)
- Thousand smiles :-)

Who can do this

This workshop is for any level, you just have to be curious. If you already are an artist, contact me before and I will customise a more advanced workshop for your level.

Why you should do this

1. To have fun and learn something new.
2. A great first date activity.
3. You are curious to learn more about art or life as an artist in Saigon.
4. You want to have a special souvenir from Saigon
5. You want to get inspired or gain more confidence 
6. You feel sad and want to get rid of some anxiety
7. You want to give a happy experience as a gift to someone

Where we will do this

Saigon Outcast
No. 188/1, Nguyễn Văn Hưởng, Thảo Điền, Quận 2, Hồ Chí Minh 70000, Vietnam


About Sofia:

I am a Swedish artist and designer that came to Saigon 2014 to make furniture and interior collections for a big company in Vietnam. Today I freelance and my art and design aim to help and motivate people. The inspiration comes from processing thoughts and experiences of difficulties that I, or my friends encounter functionally or emotionally in our daily life. Which gives a depth and a story to every design. I prefer to focus a lot on the design process and make it investigative, with a large part being hands-on work. The result will be an object, a picture, a space, a concept or a workshop. The message is usually colourful and inclusive, with a touch of humour. Because laughing makes us relax and clear our minds, I believe that it can be the best way of introducing and handling a heavy subject.
Facebook: Sofia Holt Art and Design
Instagram: Sofiasillu

Guest reviews

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Mai Thy Le

I and my friend were really excited to enjoy. Sofia is perfect perfect host! A breeze to communicate with, and got interesting experience wi... + Read

Hoang Le Duy

Stamp carving with Sofia was great. She was really nice and sweet, when she introduced us to the right cutting techniques and how to imprint... + Read

Tri Lecao

I really enjoyed my time with Sofia and her guidance on making my own stamp. She is sweet, dedicated and multi-talented. We all love her Swe... + Read

Mark Tran

Sofia is a lovely host and knows very well the techniques to make a perfect stamp. She also paid close attention to everyone and is really d... + Read