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Basic ‘Stick and Poke’ tattoo lesson!

Do you know that ‘Stick and Poke’ has been one of the most popular tattoo techniques practiced in prisons! In 2-hour window, we gonna speed-lighting learn some basic "stick & poke" tattoo.

928,339 VND

for 2 hours

Ask first

About your host, Luan Tran

Vietnamese French I design things and shoot stuff I’ve been living in Saigon since 2012 Love dogs and beer

What we will do

First of all, don’t get too excited, nobody is gonna do tattoos on anybody, we’ll practice on meat.

For 2 hours, very little theory, we’ll spend most of the time practicing the technique.

As a graphic designer, I could suggest you some easy and cool designs to start. At the end, you’ll have some photos of you and your work because ... well I’m a photographer ;)

Bonus round, if you feel ready for a lifetime memory, you guys can poke each other's skin with some matching tattoos, why not ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What we will provide

- meat (not to eat please, for practice only)
- tools (to be returned at the end)
- ink
- water

Who can do this

- Anyone who is interested in tattoos
- Anyone who enjoys poking activity, this could be therapeutic and addictive
- Anyone who wants to learn new skill

Why you should do this

Experience something new and who knows you might wanna be a ‘stick and poke’ tattooist after this!

Where we will do this

85 Phan Kế Bính
85 Phan Kế Bính, Đa Kao, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam


Don’t eat your work please!

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