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Prepare And Have A Traditional Dinner With Local Family

We will prepare and have dinner together in a Hanoi-traditional-style house + More

Hosted by Experiences In Hanoi in Hanoi

Food and Drinks
$38 USD 3 hours
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About your host, Experiences

We are a group of friendly and sociable local students who want to share real Vietnamese beauties with others ... + More

What we will do

What do you think about getting to know the Hanoians through preparing and enjoying traditional Vietnamese dishes such as boiled chicken, nem ran, Vietnamese grilled meat and spring rolls? Awesome, isn't it?

In this cool activity, we are going to buy fresh local produces in a nearby traditional market where you will find out a lot of interesting Vietnamese features that other countries won't have.

After that, you will prepare dinner at a local house with our guidance. Finally, we will get to enjoy super-delicious dinner with your new Hanoian friends and have interesting talks while tasting specific alcohol.

What we will provide

Materials, beers and lovely local friends with good English

Who can do this


Why you should do this

To have a dinner with Vietnamese is the best way to experience the culture of this lovely city

Where we will do this

Mỹ Đình
Mỹ Đình, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam


We have special discount for groups with over 3 people

$38 USD 3 hours
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