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Sweat A Bit
For Couples

Tap into the wild world of Swing Dance! (for beginners)

You enter a bright room, you hear good jazz music in the background and in the center you see a lot of young and well-dressed people having a good time together, while swinging and spinning over the floor - Welcome to the world of Swing Dance!

440,961 VND

for 2 hours

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What we will do

Swing Dance is a fun and energetic dance style accompanied by jazz music. It originated in 1920's in New York, but is still very much alive today with a big community all over the world. Our mission is spread the word of Swing Dance in Hanoi.

For this experience, we want to invite you to join us for a wild evening with playful dance steps, jazzy music and lots of fun. After a small introduction, my partner and I will introduce you to the culture of Swing Dance and start with a quick demo of Lindy Hop, the most popular among all Swing Dance styles. Following that, we will mingle to get down to the basic steps. The highlight of this evening will be the social dance, where you can show what you've learned today and dance with everyone.

What we will provide

- Introduction to an energetic and free dance style
- Be a part of the Swing Dance community for a night

Who can do this

This event is for beginners, so there are no requirements at all. Just bring some casual comfy clothes, shoes and a bottle of water.

Why you should do this

Tap into the world of Swing Dance and have a little fun with others. It doesn't matter if you bring a partner, a friend or come alone. In the end, this dance is about mingling together.

Where we will do this

Hanoi, Vietnam

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