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LACQUER VILLAGE- Art History& workshop

Ha Thai Village has much of its history reflected through its typical & well-preserved architecture of functional buildings (pagodas, temple, mini-temple, communal house...) of an old Vietnamese village for spiritual purposes, which our first part of the trip will go through with detailed & insightful explanation. Many of the architecture are attributed toward Lacquer's founding father. + More

Hosted by Hanoi Papaya in Hanoi

$60 USD 5 hours
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About your host, Hanoi

Born and raised in Hanoi, we are crafty kids of Hanoi Papaya team, who grew up attached to this city in many ways. We've ... + More

What we will do

We will visit a private factory to see real-time production of modern-day lacquer. Then, at the home workshop of the last wood-carving artist, you'll be shown dedication and sophistication in the traditional fine-arts lacquer techniques (layered lacquer painting on wood carvings, locally unique materials like leaves, snail shells and egg shells embedded as "coating" or pattern in the most original Vietnamese lacquer painting practice, etc.)

You will have time to create your own simple lacquer items under dedicated instructions of our lacquer artists. Its going to be a plate/ flat painting/ coasters. Enjoy getting your hands stained for beautiful & usable artwork of your own!

At last, we will be making our own Vietnamese Phở Cuốn for dinner with a home-recipe with Ly's family in the village.

What we will provide

casual lunch ?
Bun cha/ banh mi
drinking water ?
for making lacquer items ?
for making lacquer items of your own :)

Who can do this

Anyone who hearts craft and shinny lacquer

Where we will do this

Hạ Thái
Hạ Thái, Duyên Thái, Thường Tín, Hà Nội, Việt Nam

$60 USD 5 hours
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