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Life On The Road: A Guide To Working Online & Travelling The World (Hanoi)

Life on the road is a three course program which will teach digital nomad beginners on how to sustain remote working whilst travelling. It will not only show willing nomads on how to start a business, but also how to take care of your mental health, nature and gain clients as well as the importance of building a community. These courses will be practical, realistic and provide real advice to get you on the road to a lifestyle you could only dream of.

1,160,424 VND

for 3 hours

Ask first

About your host, Huong Nguyen

Hi, I am Huong, the Founder & CEO of CoXplore (, a travel-tech startup that helps users travel and work anywhere. In order to do that, I help online entrepreneurs facilitate workshops and trainings, host work and travel program experiences. At CoXplore, we leverage mobile technology to reveal vetted, optimal locations so members can find and get to location easily, check in fast, get comfortable, and get to work. I am also a travel and lifestyle blogger (, having traveled to 30+ countries around the world while working online.

What we will do

The course will be covering 3 modules, followed up by individual training sessions with the coach

1. Module 1 - Confidence: How To Take The Leap From 9-5 To Location-Independent
Take the leap into the unknown into this workshop. In this workshop we build confidence, learn about business plans and managing reality verses expectations.

✔ Confidence Building Into Transitioning To Freelance Life
✔ Starting Freelance Business & Steps To Take While You’re Still A 9-5er
✔ Finding Your Niche Business & How To Sustain It
✔ Freelance Business Plan
✔ Run To Your Fears
✔ Managing Reality vs Expectations

2. Module 2 - Careers Focus: Jobs You Could Do To Work & Travel Whilst Running A Business (online)
Don’t know whether your business will suit online work? This work shop will hone in on your skills, highlight your strengths and weaknesses and turn your business into something sustainable.

✔ Understanding Your Diversity Of Skills
✔ How To Create Bonds With Clients’
✔ How To Successfully Source Clients
✔ The Importance Of Networking & Talking Out Loud About Your Business
✔ How To Sell Yourself Online
✔ Building A Referral Community With Social Media & Online Marketing

3. Sustaining Travelling Long-Term: Managing Personal Finance & Mental Health (Hanoi)
It’s not always about earning money, this workshop will teach you how to sustain travelling full-time whilst earning money. How to manage your finance, dealing with mental health on the road and learning to accept success and what it means.

✔ Managing Cash Flow & Chasing Up Payment
✔ Working Abroad
✔ Learn How To Travel & Work Smartly
✔ Easy Way To Learn How to Approach Clients In The Country You Travel
✔ The Importance Of Creative Hubs For Mental Health
✔ Determine Your Level Of Success For The Mind

What we will provide

✔ 1-on-1 training session for individuals
✔ Workshop venue (coworking space)
✔ Tea-break (light snacks & drinks)
✔ Pen & paper
✔ Water
✔ White board
✔ Projector

Who can do this

Anyone who want to learn to be come location-indepedent professionals, online business owner, or full-time digital nomads, especially freelancers and startup entrepreneuers

Why you should do this

About your coach - Maggie Tra:

Hailing from Sydney, Australia with an inherent passion for music, Maggie Tra is the founder of music Public Relations agency Stimulated Media. She’s a blogger turned business Boss Lady. Turning her passion into a business marked a natural progression for Maggie after running her music blog SYS for several years, she turned her networks into a business. For the last four years she’s been running her music PR company in Australia, Europe and Asia as a digital nomad.

Known in the scene to uplift emerging artists’ Maggie is also a self-published author, DJ, radio host and runs workshops whilst she’s travelling. Her Boss Lady Workshops were created to push women empowerment and assist women to get a kick-start into starting a creative business. The workshops have been running for the past two years in Vietnam, London, Berlin and Amsterdam. These workshops have allowed her to hone her craft and began funnelling her distinguished events with inimitable style and real talk.

About Stimulated Your Soul (SYS): SYS is an Australian-made Hip Hop, Soul and R&B website. Established in 2011 by Margaret Tra, SYS was designed to do just that. Stimulate your mind, body and soul with interviews from artists that touch your soul. SYS is a branch off Stimulated Media publicity agency that assists' musicians in getting their music to the masses.

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Where we will do this

24 Lý Thường Kiệt
24 Lý Thường Kiệt, Hàng Bài, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam


Single fee to join the workshop (1 module) is $50 (1 offline session in Ho Chi Minh City)
Total fee to join the full course (3 modules) is $100 (1 offline & 2 online sessions)
Hanoi workshop will take place on 23th September only when coach is in Vietnam.
Limited slots available (first come first serve)

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