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Modern calligraphy workshop – create your beautiful handwritings with anything

Modern Calligraphy is not difficult, don't worry if your handwriting is not pretty enough. Coming to our workshop, anyone can get used to the pen and become a real handwriting creator.

417,753 VND

for 3 hours

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About your host, Aotrangtinh

Aotrangtinh is an artistic workshop which specializes in creating handwriting, includes short courses tutoring how to write Modern Calligraphy and applying these on real product. This is an art for elegant lines, harmonious arrangement in order to create handwriting.

What we will do

In 3 hours, we will:
- Have a short exploration about history and application of Calligraphy.
- Get used to specialized Calligraphy tools: Oblique, Dip pen, paint brushes, ink,…
- Practice from basic strokes to letters.
- Arrange the layout for a calligraphy product.
- Apply on daily items of your choice such as postcards, tote bags, T-shirts,…

What we will provide

- All writing tools will be provided by Aotrangtinh
- Beverage: Tea and coffee

Who can do this

Anyone who loves the beauty of handwriting

Why you should do this

Modern Calligraphy belongs to free soul. If you are interested in dipping your pen into ink and know how to control it skilfully with perfect combination to create the bold and fine strokes which can bring something meaningful to your life, why don't you join this Modern Calligraphy Workshop?

Where we will do this

54 Hoàng Ngọc Phách
54 Hoàng Ngọc Phách, Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Việt Nam


- The location will be set in the central of Hanoi, this will be announced after registration.
- Please feel free to contact and make question with Calligrapher for more information. We are all creators here.

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Kim Ngân

Trước em luyện chữ rất nhiều đến 1 lúc nào đó nó thành cữ rồi không thể đẹp hơn được nữa. Giờ đến ... + Read