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Paint Your Buddy's Face Then Have Creative Photoshoot Together

You will decorate your buddy's face + More

Hosted by Hanoi Papaya in Hanoi

$12 USD 3 hours
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Fun Combo

About your host, Hanoi

Born and raised in Hanoi, we are crafty kids of Hanoi Papaya team, who grew up attached to this city in many ways. We've ... + More

What we will do

This time bring a buddy. Don't go alone.

Do it tous-les-deux. Which feature do you love the most on your buddy's face?
Decorate it. Do it together with your buddy. We will provide many useful suggestions on shapes, lines and colors to help you with your masterpiece. We will help you do make up in harmony. We will use theatrical makeup paints and crayons.Then we will help you take photos with decorated background and light.

What we will provide

Paints, crayons and perfectly nice background for photo shooting

Who can do this


Why you should do this

This must be creative and funniest that you have ever experienced with your friends. Besides, a number of beautiful photos is waiting for you

Where we will do this

Moonwork - Coworking Space
Tầng 4, Số 34 Ngõ 28B Điện Biên Phủ, Điện Bàn, Hà Nội, 118720, Việt Nam


We sometimes organize this activity so please contact us for more information

$12 USD 3 hours
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Fun Combo


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