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Let's Have A Cozy BBQ By a Fireplace and Sing With Us For a Fun Night in Quan Ba

Are you that brave rider transiting in Quan Ba tonight or just strolling by from somewhere? If yes then this is something you should do. We're all about fun, tunes and getting tipsy, then you can call it a night!

464,169 VND

for 3 hours

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About your host, Hoàng Ái

My name is Ai, I'm from Thai ethnic group, I'm from a mountainous area in the North Vietnam. I want to show you how amazing our landscapes are and interesting culture from ethnic people here. Northern Vietnam is filled with towering mountains, deep valleys and winding rivers that support the lush jungle region and farmlands that are strewn throughout the region. Many travelers have heard of the beautiful Sapa region in northern Vietnam. The brilliant hiking trails and lush mountainous landscapes are among the most famous in all of southeast Asia. However, if you tilt the globe just 50 or so kilometers to the northeast, you will find a lesser known, much less explored region filled with an entirely different (but perhaps even more beautiful) landscape — the Ha Giang Province.

What we will do

Arriving in Quan Ba is one of the successes for whoever's doing the famous Ha Giang Loop. The ride must have been long so don't fret doing anything too fancy, join us for a small cozy BBQ night in the town of Quan Ba and let our fun, tunes and corn wine warm your hands and heart

What we will provide

BBQ sticks and some best corn wine brewed in the mountainous areas of Ha Giang. Tunes and guitar too!

Who can do this

Every brave and cool rider in the Ha Giang loop. We make sure to help make your transit here a breeze (and relaxing, you'll probably be gone in the morning anyway)

Why you should do this

To have a great night in Quan Ba, recharge your energy and soul to get ready for the next ride

Where we will do this

Quản Bạ
Quản Bạ, Hà Giang, Việt Nam

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Jenny Zander

This is the best way to purely experience Vietnam and all it has to offer through the eyes of a knowledgeable local friend passionate about ... + Read