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Make Yourself Special Delicious "Banh Cuon Trung"

You will learn how to make "Banh Cuon Trung" (steamed rice rolls with eggs) with a local friend

348,127 VND

for 2 hours

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About your host, Hoàng Ái

My name is Ai, I'm from Thai ethnic group, I'm from a mountainous area in the North Vietnam. I want to show you how amazing our landscapes are and interesting culture from ethnic people here. Northern Vietnam is filled with towering mountains, deep valleys and winding rivers that support the lush jungle region and farmlands that are strewn throughout the region. Many travelers have heard of the beautiful Sapa region in northern Vietnam. The brilliant hiking trails and lush mountainous landscapes are among the most famous in all of southeast Asia. However, if you tilt the globe just 50 or so kilometers to the northeast, you will find a lesser known, much less explored region filled with an entirely different (but perhaps even more beautiful) landscape — the Ha Giang Province.

What we will do

Ha Giang's steamed rice rolls with egg has been known as a very unique and tasty specialty dish as compared to other dishes of the area. And here you'll have the chance to know the recipe and try your hands at making it to impress your friends and loved ones.

In Ha Giang, this kind of rice rolls is nicely complemented with additional egg yolks. Simply taste this special steamed rice rolls with a delicious sauce with fresh spring onions and some pork legs.

What we will provide

English guidance
A delicious plate of "Banh Cuon"

Who can do this

Everyone who's doing the famous Ha Giang Loop

Why you should do this

It's gonna be an unforgettable experience when you learn to make this delicious breakfast in small cosy kitchen with a local while enjoying the cold breeze of Ha Giang

Where we will do this

Hà Giang
Hà Giang, Việt Nam

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