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Preparation to be a Host

Sign up for a new profile

Create a host account of LandedVibe – Fill in elaborated details of yourselves upon signing up! Guests would like to know more about our dedicated hosts!

Refine your Host profile

Host Biography - Tell people more about yourselves! You should try to indicate your hobbies, what you are passionate about, why are you on LandedVibe!

Display Picture – Have a friendly picture of yourself; doing something fun or even a front fun shot of yourself! Guests are more inclined to friendly hosts, that’s for sure!

Update Payment Details

Choose Your Bank Account – This will be the account where LandedVibe will be transferring your earnings. Do choose the one that is the most convenient for you!

Bank Details –Provide your bank details accurately! We do not want to transfer your earnings to someone else!

Build Your Experience Listing

Experience Title

Short & Succinct – Keep your experience title straight to the point but make it creative at the same time! Attract guests in the fastest possible time as you can!

For example: “Forge a Silver Ring – Silver Workshop”

Description Content

Outlay – State your experience and tell us more about it. Below are some friendly prompts to help you with your description crafting!

  • What is the experience about?
  • Why did you choose to host this experience?
  • What can the guests expect from this experience?
  • How will the experience be carried out?
  • What can the guests takeaway from the experience?
  • What will you be providing in this experience?

Media Content

Quantity – Do upload at least 6 pictures about your experience so that your guests know what to expect with some visual references

Quality – Try to have professionally taken portrait pictures or high-quality portrait pictures so as to make your experience more appealing!

Diversity – Do have try to have different types of pictures about your experience. Some about the experience, some about the people involved in the experience and some about you as the host of the experience!

Videos – Upload a short video of about 10 second to showcase your experience in action!

Promotion and Marketing

Spread the word – Do promote your experiences across your own social media accounts so that you can increase your bookings! Undoubtedly, LandedVibe will be trying to promote your experiences on our own platforms as well.

Promotion – LandedVibe recommends you to give a discount for first bookings so as to garner more attention from guests and we are more than happy to help you with the discounts from our side as well. We can come into an agreement with the discounts for the first booking upon discussion.

Host Etiquettes

Email Awareness

Do frequently check your emails for notifications about bookings and payment! You definitely do not want to keep your guests waiting!


Ensure that you reply your messages on time or as soon as possible! Help your guests answer their queries and accelerate the booking process!


What can be better other than inviting your friends to your own experience? This helps you to gain your first few reviews which will help attract many other guests


It is best if you could make your experience available on the weekends or after working hours! Afterall, your guests might be working as well!


Do centralise your location so that your guests will find it convenient and easy to access for your experience!


Ensure that you price your experience at the minimum so as to garner attention from your guests! You could increase your prices in the future when there is a significant attention on your experience!

LandedVibe recommends to price your activities below VND500,000 to optimize traffic from guests! This is just a suggestion though!

Mark Booking as Complete

Remember to mark your booking as complete when it is done on your account. This can be done on the website on your host dashboard! By marking your booking as complete, an email will be sent to the guests to leave your experience a review! So why not?

How LandedVibe Works


LandedVibe will be transferring your earnings at the beginning of each month for your experience and this could be checked in your host dashboard.


LandedVibe requires a 20% commission from your stated revenue on your experience while the remaining 80% will be your respective earnings. This commission will help LandedVibe maintain our platform and provide efficient services for our beloved hosts and guests!


LandedVibe will be constantly sending you email updates when there is a new booking or when payment is made. Furthermore, these notifications will be available in your account on LandedVibe so do check your notifications often.

LandedVibe will be sending you a SMS notification when there is a new booking as well, so do remember to check your notifications!


Upon receiving a booking, you could choose to accept it or reschedule it according to your personal schedule. You could do it from the host dashboard page in your account.

Becoming a host on LandedVibe is all about sharing your passion