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Slow down your life with some steep slopes in Dalat

Surprising by the slopes not only steep but also poetic in Dalat_ Sloping City. Some slopes in the journey is famous and popular but some is unknown and fantastic.

603,420 VND

for 4 hours

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What we will do

The slopes in Da Lat zigzag up and down making visitors always surprised, but for the people of Dalat, the word “used to” is too normal.

Firstly, we will find down the favorite one, Nha Bo (Cow house) Slope.This is the most typical slope of Da Lat, causing many visitors to be exhausted with its slope and it was on many film and music video. Called Nha Bo (cow house) because at the end of the street there is a French barn, now Dao Duy Tu Street.

Secondly, Le Dai Hanh Slope where you can try to walk by the step in one breath, near the slop has the local shop of sweet soup which you can try how local people eat.

Thirdly, we will walk seventy steps beside of the Song Lo (Lo river) Slope from the high hill down to Truong Cong Dinh Street. If we have time before we move to the secret slope, we can go over the Tin Lanh (Protestant) Slope with the stunning city view.

Next, you can challenge yourself by the steep but easy slop before we go to the triple slope (the unknown one). For the triple slop, challenge your driving skill or not is okey.
End of the trip, let have a Vietnamese lunch in the most famous vintage shop of the town.

What we will provide

A bottle of water
Two pictures from instax camera
Free lunch

Who can do this

Everyone who like challenging or love taking photo

Where we will do this

Thành phố Đà Lạt
Tp. Đà Lạt, Lâm Đồng, Việt Nam


What to bring: Hat, sunscreen, repellent, camera, good shoes and comfortable clothes.

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