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Watch dance and enjoy traditional wine of ethic community in central highlands

This one-hour visit to a building for traditional performances will give you a touch on an aspect of a major ethnic group in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. You can join a dance and drink a famed local rice variety.

278,501 VND

for 2 hours

Ask first

About your host, Hanh Dang

I’m Hanh, a local in Dalat and a student of a college in Ho Chi Minh City. I’m into travelling across Vietnam.

What we will do

- I'll pick you in the city center at around 6:30 PM.
- A 20-minute motorbike ride will take you to the destination at night. You can enjoy crisp air along the way.
- During the visit to the facility, you can watch beautiful traditional dancing performed by locals and join them.
- You have opportunity to drink special, mildly favored rice alcohol.
- You can eat roasted chicken and meatballs.
- A mini-game with locals and other visitors at the end.
Perhaps, you will have an unforgettable experience.

What we will provide

- You will be given photos taken by me
- I’ll tell you the meanings of the activity
- Transportation

Who can do this

Anyone who wants to discover the Gong and serene beauty of Dalat at night.

Why you should do this

It is great to know more about ethic community culture and get a feeling of Dalat peace that traditional tour cannot give

Where we will do this

Lạc Dương District
Lạc Dương District, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam

Guest reviews

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Ana Ruiz

Was fun. Only two westernes, nice ru ou can (i want more speciated rice wine!!, never tried before and i prefered it over the speciated cide... + Read