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Go Fishing And Do A Small Grill in Pine Hill

We will take you to a large lake in Dalat, then you fish there with us. We will grill caught fishes, corns and sweet potatoes and enjoy the BBQ together.


for 3 hours

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What we will do

Fishing in the Pine Hill where there is only you with the nature is really an interesting must-do acitivity, don't you think?

In this activity, we will fully enjoy the feeling of sitting in a large space with sweet sound from birds singing, tasting special hot tea while fishing. Besides, there are some small activities, for example grill corns or sweet potatoes. This will definitely be an extremely interesting activity which makes it unforgetable!

What we will provide

Fishing-rod, hot tea, chess board, materials for BBQ...

Who can do this

Anyone who enjoys fishing or staying in touch with nature.

Why you should do this

Experience the sensation of fishing besides nice lake in a quite area. Self-grilled fishes, corn and sweet potatoes.

Where we will do this

Thung Lũng Vàng
Lạt Đồng, Lát, Lạc Dương, Lâm Đồng 672700, Việt Nam


Please respect nature

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