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Hosted by Tien Huynh

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835,505 VND per person

Saturday, July, 20, 2019, from 18:00 to 21:00

What is this about?

(English below):
* Giá vé: 800,000 VND (sử dụng promo code SUMMERVIBES khi mua vé online)

Đêm jazz thời trang cùng Miss sport và NTK thời trang Huỳnh Tiên. Địa điểm diễn ra hoạt động là 1 jazz lounge cổ điển phong cách Hà Lan 1920.

* 6 - 6:20pm: Tụi mình sẽ cùng làm quen với nhau, mỗi bạn sẽ dc tặng 1 món uống ngon (1 ly rượu hay cocktail/mocktail). Chúng mình có thể thoải mái nói chuyện, cười đùa và biết thêm về bản thân Tiên nè.

* 6:20 - 7:30pm: Cùng Tiên khám phá về thời trang suit hiện đại cho cả nam và nữ. Tiên sẽ chia sẻ những thông tin hay ho về ngành thời trang tại Việt Nam.

* 7:30 - 8:15pm: Tiên có mang theo 1 "tủ đồ" suits siêu ngầu do tự Tiên thiết kế (có cả suits nam và nữ lận đó). Tiên sẽ tư vấn chọn cho từng bạn 1 style đồ cool ngầu, kiểu dáng cũng như màu sắc hợp với bạn nhất.

* 8:15 - 9pm: Mọi người sẽ khoác lên mình những bộ suit cho chính Tiên tư vấn. Sẽ có dàn ánh sáng + 1 bạn nhiếp ảnh gia sẽ giúp chúng ta có những tấm hình thời trang trong setting jazz lounge cổ điển.

Cùng thưởng nhạc jazz hay, nhấm nháp rượu ngon và thưởng thức 1 cuối tuần theo cách cực khác với Tiên nhé.

* Giá vé: 800,000 VND (sử dụng promo code SUMMERVIBES khi mua vé online)
* Thời gian: Tối thứ 7 (ngày 20/7) - từ 6pm - 9pm
* Địa điểm: House of Barbaard, Quận 1, HCM
* Lưu ý: các bạn nam nên mặc quần tây để diện suit cho đẹp hénnn

* Price is 800,000 VND with promo code SUMMERVIBES (use at checkout).

Huynh Tien is a black Vietnamese fashion designer and model. In 2017, she was announced Miss Sport of Miss Universe. A few words about Tien: friendly, super down-to-earth, charismatic, expert in modern suit, fashion enthusiast, etc.

This activity is a sweet mix between an insightful men/women suit talk and a casual photoshoot session.

As a fashion designer herself, Tien will have a lot to share with you. What else is cooler than making new friends, learning about suits while having a drink to mingle with nice people?

More than that, Tien will bring her "suits wardrobe" (both gentlemen and ladies) for you to try out on, then we will do a friendly photoshoot at House Of Barbaard, a super cool jazzy lounge in District 1. Tien will also give each attendant a free special drink to sip through the evening too.

Do expect to bring home some very instagrammable photos of yourself! As a side note, although this isn't reqired but it would be extremely handy to wear shirt and pants to the event, so that Tien's jackets, vests and blazzers will fit right on ya.

The venue

House of Barbaard - Lounge Bar & Barbershop
Alley 12 4B, Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Đa Kao, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh 710543, Vietnam

Guest reviews

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Lennie Lam

Tien is such a lovely character. Her knowledge and insights really shined throughout the whole experience. I especially enjoyed the vintage ... + Read

Ca Tran

Tien is such an amazing person and talented tailor, she knows so much about suits that would impress you in many ways. It was like living in... + Read

Kimberly Nguyen

She has a great host who had amazing insight into the fashion world and the world of suits. She was very charismatic and welcoming as well. ... + Read

Jong Kyi Park

This event is something you do not normally find in this busy city. LandedVibe was able to create an event where the host, Tien Huynh, was a... + Read

Tri Lecao

I really enjoyed this experience with Tien (Nafi). She's sweet, down-to-earth and knowledgable about fashion. There was a lot of cool and he... + Read

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Dress up and take some classy, yet badass pictures in a cozy lounge
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