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Take Part In Our Mysterious Antique Market For The Weekend

Our weekend antique market offers a unique opportunity for travellers to discover and learn about another cool local acitivity in Can Tho.

231,738 VND

for 120 minutes

Ask Trí

What we will do

Old currency, objects of worship, old daily gadget are sold here. The best thing about this place is that it hasn't been discover even by the local. This place suitable for experiencing part of vietnamese culture. People can come to see people dealing prices, to learn how to recognize real and fake antique and buy interesting souvenir.

Travelers can walk along the way, check out every Stands, and I will help them dealing the price as they need my help. This place display to travelers more knowledge about history, Vietnamese daily life in the past. They can touch real old stuffs and they will have a comfortable choices.

What we will provide

We will provide you some guidance and how this market works in general, but we'll leave some room for you to experience it the way you like.

Who can do this

Whether you are an antique products enthusiast or just a normal person who loves to experience a different local market, then this activity is for you!

Where we will do this

Can Tho
Can Tho, Ninh Kiều, Cần Thơ, Vietnam


This place just celebrate in Saturday and Sunday morning, from 8am to 12am. This activities is also a part of a bigger tour, which is included on the post Cantho, so the fee can be changed to be more or less depend on whether you want to do this only or combine with others. For further information, please contact me via
email: [email protected], phone number: 01207569243

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Dylan Bryson

Didn't expect much from this activity since I just wanted to kill time, but turned out to be quite awesome!