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Be a fruit seller on the Floating Market experience

Play a role of a local fruit seller. We will give you a boat and some fruits, you will then use them to experience being a fruit vendor on Mekong river. This will be so fun!

812,297 VND

for 5 hours

Ask first

About your host, pham khoa

Hey, I'm Khoa - a 25 years old guy based in Can Tho, Vietnam. Three years working in tourism have brought me some different insights about the travel experience industry in Southeast Asia and Vietnam. I think it has become too industrialized, which is no good for our guests. We can change that by creating experiences based on values that have never been existed before, something a bit less mainstream, more creative and crafted for the needs of modern experience seekers. Giving travellers a good experience is my mission and seeing the pleasing, exciting faces is my happiness.

What we will do

Floating market is a classic destination for tourists when the go to Cantho. For so long, people from around the world have come and observed life and activities there. To some people especially ones who come the 2nd or third time, it become boring. I think there's a better way to enjoy seeing this place: become a products seller on Cho Noi in our competition.

First, if you can, let's meet up the night before our adventure to learn some basic Vietnamese, things like fruits names, greeting and offering to sell our product to Vietnamese customer.

At 5am on the activity day, we meet up at our first checkpoint, get the task and hop on the boat. Then we split into smaller group of 2 and join other sellers and start selling, within 30 minutes whichever group sell the most will win. We get back on land and have breakfast and head out again for second task.

What we will provide

We will give you a boat to use as your fruit selling vendor. We will also prepare some fruits for you to sell.

Who can do this

Anyone is welcome to try and get a taste of what it feels like to sell fruit on Mekong river.

Why you should do this

Isn't it fun to interact with local people in a fair position? This is a cool and unique experience that you can't get buying traditional tours. Also, being a fruit seller will give you an idea of how much these fruits actually cost.

Where we will do this

Chợ Nổi Cái Răng
Lê Bình, Cái Răng, Cần Thơ, Việt Nam


This activities is also a part of a bigger tour, which is included on the post Cantho, so the fee can be changed to be more or less depend on whether you want to do this only or combine with others. For further information, please contact me via email: [email protected], or my number: +841202876789.

Guest reviews

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Kyle Kessler

Khoa could not have been a better guide for our time in Can Tho. Throughout the entire experience, it never felt like I was with a tour guid... + Read

Manoj Harink

My girlfriend and I had a great day with Khoa. We started early in the morning and visited the Floating Market. On the Market we stepped on ... + Read

Maria Camila Lemus

Awesome team, excellent attitude, knowledge and expertise. I loved Can Tho thanks to Landed Vibe support and orientation.