About LandedVibe


We exist to help millennials turn shareable values of their profession, skill or hobby into on-demand payable activities, either for entertainment, skill learning, or travel experience purposes, to be booked by millennial locals, expats and travelers alike.

Who We Are

We are a team of young entrepreneurs, product people, expats and travelers. We love experiencing life by adopting different values, be it a new skill or just mere knowledge, transferred through the diversification of peer-to-peer interactions, in a form of an activity that is engaging and entertaining.

Our Story

LandedVibe originated from the founder’s own experience as a millennial who loves travelling and experiencing life differently. Tri spent most of his time living city by city in 2018 and observed some things.

Tri found out that there’s often lack of diversified entertainment activities when he’s living in, or travelling to a city. Most of the time locals and expats would just go for a movie, attend weekend workshops or hanging out for a drink while in reality, they can opt for more interesting and/or indie activities hosted by other (millennial) locals and expats.

Tri also noticed most of his friends are capable of providing such activities, on-demand, by sharing what they know from their hobby or profession, and earn money from that. Tri started hosting some himself and realised there’s a market for this, slowly rising up. A truely millennial-oriented service, and an Airbnb for entertainment activities.

The Team

Tri Lecao – founder & CEO (LinkedIn)

Tri is a fan of LandedVibe, for real. He has taught himself meaningful things just by interacting with people. He loves Muay Thai, latte arts, skydiving and rapping. Tri is a down-to-earth personality who can be a little non-serious at times, but he knows business and is often smart in that regard (well, he says...)

Mark Tran – co-founder & CFO (LinkedIn)

Mark is a Yin side of LandedVibe who values operation efficiency and results, be it financially or intellectually. He's a CPA in Australia. Outsiders often see him as a quiet indifferent guy or a serious bookworm while in fact, he's just... a little like that. He believes life consists of constant pursues and time is limited.

Minh Nguyen – technical product manager (LinkedIn)

Since graduating from Drexel University, Minh has successfully landed a software engineer position at various iconic companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. Recently joined LandedVibe, working remotely, Minh has proved himself as a talented and efficient engineer. He also has a keen eye for product development and enjoys every aspect of it.

Lennie Lam – digital marketing (LinkedIn)

Lennie is a digital marketing guru, who is super practical and strategic when it comes to helping LandedVibe grow. From SEO, SEM to social media marketing, she even takes on the role of a content creator when needed. She has a soft spot for all things Japanese, be it the country and culture itself, manga, anime and anything in between.

Hoang Le Duy – business development manager (LinkedIn)

A native German with Vietnamese origins, just recently moved to Saigon to experience the lifestyle in vietnam. Because of his adventurous nature, he started working at LandedVibe to constantly grow his network and find new collaborators for the company, while hopping from one event to the other. Typical for a german, he likes to celebrate a successful workday with some ice-cold beer.

Vu Tran – full-stack software engineer (LinkedIn)

Vu is a special character in the team because he's funnily quiet, and when he does speak, he sounds funny AF too. Like LandedVibe, Vu's experience is truly diversified. We think last month he was still reselling fishes to market vendors, and now he's with us writing code. After all, Vu knows the real connection between fishes and coding, and for this part, let us keep it his own little secret.

Yuina-chan 🐶 – moral support

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