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On-demand entertainment activities for locals, expats and travellers alike

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What is LandedVibe about?

Diversified activities for various needs

LandedVibe is all about peer-to-peer entertainment and skill-sharing activities that can be enjoyed by locals, expats and travellers alike.

Bite-sized, multi-purpose and fun

Our activities are casual and bite-sized so they could fit in your plans easily, whether you are in for entertainnment or skill learning purposes.

We love variety, do you?

We value creativity and original ideas when it comes to hosting activities. How would you like to spend your time? Our hosts might have what you need!

Activities for any mood

Saigon's Top Rated

These are our best of the best, top-selling experiences in Ho Chi Minh City.

The big cities

You will land your flight here in these cities. Expect to find more urban experiences, from street games to peer-to-peer fun activities.

Wheel off the big cities

Smaller and remote towns. You will expect to find more authentic and cultural experiences with local hosts.